Monday, July 14, 2008

On Being First Born.

As I downloaded photos from the past week, and then glanced over the photos I've put on my blog, I realized they are all of Addison. Its like no one else has been around. I forgot to take pictures at my Southern Living party! I had a party and didn't take pictures??? It reminded me of ten years ago when I went through photos of Jessica and Megan, dividing them into piles with each girl getting all the photos of herself. I had a big box to give Jessica, I took a couple of pictures of her everyday until she was two. I had a paper bag of photos to give Megan. A small lunch sized paper bag. Megan looked at the bag, then at me, then at Jessicas box of photos and asked if this was all she had. "Uh, .....yeah. I'M SORRY!" I told her it was because Jessica was my favorite child. Yes, I really said that to her because I have an inappropriate sense of humor. I told her I was joking. She KNOWS I was joking. But now she has a guilt card she can play on me anytime she wants.

Later today: pictures of this weeks garage sale finds. Its so sunny here its hard to take a good photo. I have to wait until the clouds come out and it gets nice and overcast.

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