Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Of Course It's Wednesday.

Which is why I had phone calls from Matthew, Renee and Melissa this morning. Melissa called while I was getting ready to go in to work, She said she was on her way to the, "Worst store in the world," (Walmart,) and could she stop by and drop off the curtains I'm going to hem for her. "Sure, " I said. "Would yo like to leave Sam and Gregory here while you shop?" So I got to spend the morning with my boys! While they were playing with Legos I saw Renee walking up to my front door. She had been to the grocery store and bought me some red gerbera daisies, because they are my favorite. I burst into tears.

Here we have Sam jumping off the diving board. He cracks me up, he's such a goofy kid.

Then there is Gregory. He is very serious about having proper form for his dive.

And Eva. She likes to do the crazy dives too.

Now here is the most amazing part of my day.
I actually made it into work! Melissa picked up the boys around noon, and by 1:45 I was at the office.
I still can't believe it myself.


Roy Wells said...

And for those of you who are interested in golf or have a spouse who is, I was on a commercial shoot today with Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo.

Sophia said...

I Love red gerber daisies!!! They were my wedding flower.