Sunday, July 13, 2008

No, Im Not Dead....Yet
But I think I have a nasty virus; is there really any other kind?
I've all so been pretty busy playing with Addison. I drove over to Tampa Wednesday morning, then brought Jessica and Addison home with me Thursday evening. They spent Friday and Saturday with us until Ray came to pick them up after working at camp for a few days. While Jessica was here, I hosted a Southern Living party since she is now a sales rep. I wasn't familiar with the product; just knew that I liked their stuff but thought it a bit pricey. Once Jessica started unpacking her demonstration pieces I was able to see the quality and liked their things even more.

Friday Vickie came over, but instead of altering books we worked on daily art cards and our art journals.

Addison with her beautiful great aunt Melissa.

Addison took her play dishes to the pantry and set them up on a shelf, pretending to cook while I did.

Breakfast with Poppsie


Darla said...

Tricia I look forward to your updates it is my connection to back home in Florida.

Moo said...

I didn't even realize it, but I just posted with almost the exact same title!!! Too funny huh?