Monday, July 07, 2008

More of My Neighbors Trash.

Or I guess I could entitle it, "I Have No Shame."
I just hate to see perfectly good things thrown away when I know somebody could use it. We had neighbors who moved out of their house last weekend and left piles of nice clothing furniture and household items on the curb for the garbage man to collect. I was incensed at their laziness. We have numerous organizations who come and pick up stuff like this for free. Brewier keeps telling me I need to let it go. Hmph. Anyway, I picked up a nice wicker laundry basket full of bath towels from the pile to give to Megan. She needed towels.
Two houses down from that pile, was another; where I grabbed these curtain rods. No I don't need any rods, but someone might. The ones in this first photo look a lot like the garden ornaments I just saw in Costco. I would use them for that but they would really clash with my flamingo.

I grabbed these for the clips.

Can I use this lamp? No, but I can drop it off at Goodwill. Brewier and I found this while out walking one night and carried it along the Cady Way Trail with us. I told the other people walking it was so we could see when it got dark out.


Corey said...

those curtain rods would go great in my living room ;)
it's amazing what people throw away..

Kimberly said...

How long are the metal rods with the glass balls? I need rods for more rooms than I can count! Save them for me if they aren't spoken for yet!

Jenn said...

I could use the lamp. I NEED lamps. I am coming to your house sat. for Jessica's party. If you feel charitable I could pick it up then. Jenn-

hilltopper said...

man! your neighbors throw away good stuff! all my neighbors ever throw away is cheap junk. in fact im usually the one with stuff on the curb bearing a big cardboard "FREE!" sign, *sigh* i guess i will just take heart in that someone else is showing the world what they picked up free on the side of the road.

Jessica said...

I wish trash over here was that good! At least I know I come by this trait naturally. :)

Heather said...

Spray paint that lamp, girl!!! You could make a mint on ebay with the stuff your neighbors throw away!!! Could I use any more exclamation points?!!!! !!