Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God Doesn't Want Me to Work.

Wednesdays are the day I'm supposed to go in and work at my doctors office. One day; as many or as few hours as I want. This is how I pay for my health care. Every Tuesday night I go to bed knowing I will get up and go into work the next morning, and every Wednesday something happens that prevents me from working. I mean, its been months since I've worked! Today for example, I got up ate breakfast and dressed in preparation to go and the phone rings. Its Jessica wanting to know if I'd like to come over to Tampa today and spend some time with her while Ray is at camp. (I did that last Wednesday, therefore missing work.) I told her I didn't think so, I haven't been feeling all that great. I go and put makeup on and am getting ready to leave when the phone rings, its my mom. She and Dick are in between doctors appointments, can they hang out at my house for an hour. Yeah! I love hanging out with my Mom. I'll go into work after lunch. So I was just getting ready blog about having trouble making it into work when the phone rings again! It was Brewiers Mom. She was lonely and just wanted to say hi.
Now, my house is usually a tomb. The phone rarely rings, I don't get to visit with many people, I spend my days looking for something to do, or someone to visit with. Except Wednesdays. I think the Lord is trying to show me something. This morning my devotional was on knowing your spiritual gifts and determining how you can use them for the Lord. (Unfortunately for me God does not list decorating as a gift.) As I pondered this in my head I thought of Darlene telling me my gift was hospitality and serving people. Yes I said but I hardly ever get to do it. She said, "But you make yourself available to people." Yes I said, but i hardly ever get to do it. Except on Wednesdays.


HopiQ said...

I think Darlene might be onto something! :)

Beck said...

Darlene is exactly right. You are the kindest, most wonderful hostess and I think you could give any bed and breakfast a run for their money, any day.

We sure enjoyed your hospitality last October. :)

Terri(unable to get into her acct)

Linda said...

I wonder what God thinks about being creative. I bet it pleases him-using your gifts, one of which is obviously hospitality.