Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I treat children like dogs. It amuses me."

This from Megan who has Addison doing dog tricks, like, "play dead," "sit," and spin around," all for bites of biscotti.


Sarah said...

That's not so bad... you know, there are also many who treat dogs like children!

Kimberly said...

Roger and I got megan in trouble when she was almost 2. We were playing with her and Roger taught her to say "chill out". He then gave her a quarter if she would say it to you! She did, and it didn't go over well!

So let her do her dog tricks, it's an aunt and uncle privilege!

Megan if you read this, teach her about going to the "banana patch" (bathroom) and playing with the "dead snake", can't remember what toy that was. Was Chester the dead snake?

hilltopper said...

and the winner is... you!
check i out you won!
as one of my most favorite blogs.