Monday, July 28, 2008

Almost Fabulous.

I am recovering from this virus but Brewier is still sick , and now Megan has it. I've infected my family :( Do you know how hard it is to blog when all you do is sit on the sofa watching tv all day long. Seriously, thats all I've done for a week. Well, okay, yesterday I had a commision and made a bracelet. I was pretty excited about that; it made me realize I really need to update my etsy shop. I make stuff all the time, its just that I give it all away. And my photographer got married and move out.
Yesterday as I sat watching another 16 hours of television, (my head hurts too much to read,) I tried to think of something to blog about, and this popped into my head.

Do you know what it is?

Its a cigarette holder, and its mine. It was given to me by a friend, back when I was a senior in high school. She said she'd seen it in a store and it just looked like something I should own. I told her, "But I don't smoke." She said she knew that but maybe I could just hold it and carry it around with me, because it really looked like me.
It does have rhinestones you know.


Greg Pflug said...

welcome back to the living. you've been missed.

Joy said...

Just thought I'd pop over to tell you how much I appreciate your kind comments. Thank you!
I have a question for you, since I see you have several blogs. I'd like to start another blog, do I have to set up another email account for it? I'd appreciate your help, since I'm a bit multi-blog challenged, and you seem to know how to do it. Thanks!

Sarah said...

That is soooo you! Even if you don't smoke. I love it.

Linda said...

It is really fancy. I saw one being used by a character on a Hercule Poirot TV show. It looks very elegant.