Thursday, July 10, 2008

Addison loves looking at herself on my computer. Well, really, she just loves looking at herself, give the girl a mirror and shes happy. Whenever I visit, she hops on my lap and waits for me to turn on the camera of my MacBook. This is my attempt to get a decent picture of us together.

Me; Okay Addison, just look at the green light next time

She was there right up to the moment when the picture was taken.

So close.

Me: I will now wrestle and forcibly hold you until the picture is taken.


Sarah said...

soooo cute!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the third one!

Linda said...

What a cutie. Aren't kids entertaining?

hilltopper said...

my boy climbed up in my lap while i was looking and asked who is that so i told him "addison, shes pretty cute aint she?" he grinned and looked away before saying quietly "uh-huh"
someones got a crush on addison.

B. said...

Addison is adorable! And your hairstyle is really cute. :)