Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ummm, They Want You to Wear What?

Brewier went on an audition earlier this week for a commercial with Tiger Woods, and as with every audition, he was sent an email giving him his dialogue and telling him what he should wear. This is the email:


They want you to wear what?


I picked out khakis and a green shirt for him instead.


B. said...

This is hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh. Gee, I didn't realize your husband is kind of a big deal! Then again, maybe you are too. :)

BTW, how is your sunburn? Aloe vera gel works pretty well for me.

Jenn said...


pk said...

I see things haven't changed ! Too much. Glad you "washed" uh "watched" his back and took a stand . Too funny. pk

Linda said...

Gee, I hope it meant a green shirt.

Anonymous said...

Sending him in green shit would have been much more interesting!