Thursday, June 12, 2008


Now that school is out and Vickie isn't cruising around in her bus full of kids, we were able to get together for a visit. She wanted me to see all the vintage jewelry her mother in law had given her. As I sat and watched Vickie pull out box after box of vintage pieces, I started to hyperventilate with excitement and told her, "Stop!" I can't take it all in this fast!" It was like a dream I have where I am out thrifting and come across a great stash of jewelry, only this was for real.
Here is a sampling of the goods:


I tried sneaking out the door with a few pieces, explaining to Vickie that this was my jewelry and I couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it when i arrived at her house that morning.
She didn't fall for it, and I left as unbejeweled as I had arrived.



Jessica said...

haha! You must've been in heaven!

meg said...

you look so stylish dahhhhling.

Sarah said...

I love it! I know that dream, only mine is with clothing, and it's all free. I get to shop to my heart's content and take anything home that I like. I hate waking up from that one. But jewelry - that's even better! What a wonderful collection to get to see. Good try getting out the door - I have no idea why you didn't get away with it. :-)

Linda said...

You would love visiting my mother. She has a ton of costume jewelry. She has so much that she often gets ride of it so she can add to her collection again. She has a eye for the good stuff.