Friday, June 20, 2008

Okay You Aussies,

I'll confess, this is a stock photo of pavlova. I don't eat kiwis,( which according to an email I received from Tim, originate in China and not New Zealand,) but prefer berries or passion fruit on my pav. Megan was the first to make pavlova for us, nearly 10 years ago, and I fell in love with it. Truly one of my favorite desserts.


Amy said...

Ha ha! Now that I know you didn't make that particular pav I'll feel OK to tell you that they are much better when you turn them upside down and put the cream and fruit on what used to be the bottom. That way you get a crunchy bottom and the marshmellow melds with the cream. A little Aussie tip for you.

Anne said...

It's not summer in Australia without Pav... and it's a very handy use of left over egg whites (which I'm sure as a great home cook, you know can be frozen). Tim is right, Kiwi fruit are really Chinese Gooseberries, but the Kiwi's marketed them first, a bit of usless trivia for you!