Monday, June 09, 2008

Marvelous Monday.

Why, you ask is it so marvelous when you know all I do is laundry and clean house on Mondays? Because I won two pounds of Mukilteo coffee baby! Heather and Mynda over at Life on an Island, were having a recipe contest and I won! Me! Coffee! Wahoo!
Brewier and I had a really good weekend, riding bikes and spending time together. We went to garage sales Saturday morning. I bought a long desired for Hula Hoop at this garage sale:


We spent $25 Saturday, and this is our haul:


Wicker dresser and headboard, $20, delivered! Hula Hoop $1, Scrabble, (never used!) $1, Madonna cd $2, and 10 empty cd cases, (Brewiers find) $1.

And this I had to post because it shows how different my mornings are from Brewiers. He is do a very intense ab tape, while I sit watching him and reading blogs while having tea and toast.



Linda said...

I like your way best.

Heather said...

As it should be...

You SCORED on that dresser and headboard. Those are awesome!!

B. said...

Good finds! I love scrabble. Rarely do I make it to a yard sale. Not a morning person. My sleep is precious to me. I know I'm missing out on good deals though.

Jessica said...

I LOVE the garage sale sigh! Hilarious!