Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Although not officially summer, our summer weather is here. I was up early and had the news on, and at 5am it was 79 degrees out. Brewier and I had a great morning hitting lots of garage sales, ( I'll post pictures of our fabulous finds later,) then onto Costco where we splurged and bought steaks to grill for lunch. On our way out of Costco I heard a couple of little voices calling out, "Tricia!" It was Emmie and Micah, out shopping with Allison and Trent. Its always so much fun to bump into friends while out and about. Earlier this week another friend stopped by after her orthodontist appointment, to show me her lovely new smile. Livi is now 5'7" and going to be 15 this year! Isn't she beautiful?


As soon as I had finished taking a picture of Livi, Eva tapped me on the leg and looked up at me so I could take a picture of her pretty teeth.



Linda said...

I remember, very many years ago, getting my braces off and how smooth my teeth felt. What a production getting teeth straightened.

Sarah said...

wow - they are gorgeous!

Heather said...

I remember that feeling too! Such pretty girls with their pretty teeth.