Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!

She's 23 today, the same age as me when I had her. Here we are in the hospital.

Here are she is with her daddy.


pk said...

You have NOT changed !!!!!! And Mehgan looks like Mehgan !!!!! Don't know why that surprises me but it does, she is adorable, of course !!! Who is that man !!! His hair looks so dark then. As for what to say to someone you haven't talked with so long........what has happened in your life might be a good start, but then again you are far more creative than I . Yes , you most definetely are. hugs, pk

Heather said...

Awwww...time goes by fast, doesn't it.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Megan!

meg said...

thanks, mom!

we're in town picking up wireless in the parking lot because the library's still closed :/

brett should be here in an hour or two and we'll be driving back to orlando around 5 or 6pm. i'll be calling you and telling you all of this soon, i'm sure.

we're trying to plan another weekend trip for next and dad should join us this time!

love you :)

Anonymous said...

Megan was a beautiful baby, a cute little girl and now an adorable woman. I love her. xxoo