Monday, June 30, 2008


He told me he wanted a Mohawk like his cousin Jakes, because,"Its so cool," but his mom said no. Maybe when he was older. I told him I could give him a Mohawk for the day.

It made him pretty happy.



We watched Indiana Jones and the last crusade. He tucked the bull whip I have into his shorts and then sat across my legs, (my feet were up on the ottoman,) so I could be his horse and as he rode along with Indy. He also threw me invisible horse treats since I was such a good horse. After a while my legs started to hurt so I told him so and that I'd have to stop being a horse. He told me to, "Suck it up buttercup." I asked him what that meant. He said," You suck the pain in and don't cry. Thats what dad says."

We tried going outside to play but it was way to hot, so we watched, The Princess Bride. Instead of the whip, he had my plastic sword. During the sword fight scene he sat engrossed in front of the tv, and fought the guy on the screen, hitting the screen as if he were really in the scene. It was pretty cute.


I asked Gregory what he'd like to eat for lunch. His list of desired food: salad with Caesar dressing, an orange, cherries, and cucumbers. I was really hoping he'd say french fries. Thats what I wanted.


meg said...

he's so adorable!

i wish i could have spent the day with you guys at home instead of at work :/

Greg Pflug said...

"suck it up buttercup"

Jenn said...

They are sooo much fun at this age.

Linda said...

He is so cute. Love the hairdo too.

B. said...

He is so darling! I miss that age.

I let my son have a Mohawk for one Halloween and sprayed it green. He kept it for the whole weekend and then my husband buzzed it off. My son was probably around age 9. It was weird though, his attitude changed along with the hairstyle. Not good.

pk said...

Isn't it grand to have such fun !!! So happy for you and yours to be so close. Greg you are too much !! They are gorgeous kids every one of them . Do you order out or what !! Kidding. hugs, pk

hilltopper said...

cutie pie! love the fauxhawk.

russ said...

hopefully he does not go blind for sitting so close to the TV!