Friday, June 20, 2008

Brother! I Need A Woman!

This was shouted out by three year old Gregory, to six year old brother Sam.

Of course, they were in Brewiers office playing, and the woman he needed was a Lego woman, but I got a good laugh out of his impassioned plea. I mean, he is Gregs son.
As always, when Sam is here he wants to take photos with my old digital. The first time I gave him the camera I figured I'd download the pictures, view, then erase them. What I discovered after looking at them though, was I loved his perspective on things, how he viewed the world, and what he found interesting enough to take a photo of. He took this when he was visiting Saturday. I love these two little faces.



Greg Pflug said...

what a great photo! give them boys some loving.

Jessica said...

So cute!

hilltopper said...

oh you gotta love what HILARIOUS things come from their little mouths! arent we blessed?