Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Fact Wednesday: I'm a Celebrity.

Well, at least Lindsay says I am. (Hi Lindsay!) Lindsay is one of Megan's favorite coworkers, and she reads my blog, Megan told me a while ago. Megan also told me Lindsay is hilariously funny, but very quite until you get to know her. Now a big part of my social life is going into Megans place of work and saying hi to the people who work there, so whenever Lindsay is there I try to say hi, because, hey, she reads my blog. But hi is all we ever say. I told Megan I thought Lindsay must be really shy since she never chatted or said anything else, and Megan told Lindsay what I said. Lindsays response, (and she made my day with this,) I can't talk to your mom! She's like a celebrity, and you don't talk to celebrities!
I wish I had known that when I was at the library today. I was checking out my books, and the young woman who was working the check out desk had a really chic hairstyle. Perfectly cut, colored and flat ironed. I told her I loved her hair. Her response was to look at my hair, then at what I was wearing and reply with a rather condescending, "uh, ......thank you."
If only I could have told her, "Don't you know I'm like, a celebrity?!"


HopiQ said...

...uh...condescending...HOW??? I'm with Megan's coworker on this one. You are like, totally, you know, a celebrity!

c.g. said...

I agree - you are very entertaining- which is what a celebrity does!

You not only are a great 'read' - funny, honest, talented - but you have raised two pretty amazing daughters.

Love their blogs, too.

Just don't go getting all uppity on your fans! LOL :-)


Linda said...

I once heard a snooty female doctor reply when asked where she got her hair cut, "You couldn't afford it." I couldn't believe it. I guess you have to have a big ego to be a female doctor but that was a little over the top.

Liz said...

Ewww... what a horrible woman. Who did she think she was talking to? :)

You should have just laughed and said, "Oh, I was just kidding. Your hair's terrible."

Greg Pflug said...

Greetings from Cordova!
The rain capital of Alaska has been sunny and about 40 degrees all week. There is still tons of snow on the mountains and most roads.
Looking forward to comming home for some family and hot weather. Love ya lots.