Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yes, I Really Bought It.

It was in the dollar spot at Target, its kitschy,
plus, I do really like flamingos, though this one is rather magenta. I'm sure with the Florida sun beating on it, it will fade to pink in no time. The worst part of this purchase.... its made in China. I feel so ashamed.




Kimberly said...

I saw them on Friday night and was attempted to purchase a flock for your front yard. LOL

If I did, would you dress them? LOL

Sarah said...

Oh dear. I'm not sure whether to be apalled or amused. I'm amused! :-) You're so funny.

Darla said...

Ha you have gone too far over the edge with that flamingo. You need therapy.

melissa pflug said...

I didn't know flamingos live in Asia...they must have been imported from Florida. Ha, ha! It's soooo cute. What will you name it? How about Kim?

pk said...

I sure hope I don't have any nitemares tonight !! Are you sure it isn't a boy ? I'd be careful about a name, if you know what I mean !!

You are way out there of late my dear. But , keep having fun, I love it.

hugs, pk

B. said...

What a beautiful yard! I found your blog through woofnanny and I see you also read ljc. I'm enjoying reading your blog. You are funny!