Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why Do I Live Here?

I'm watching the morning news and along with the reports of home invasions and shootings, people are being warned that the bears are coming out of hibernation. Yes, we have bears and they are hungry and wandering around Orlando. The sharks are out and biting too. A little boy was laying in shallow water and a baby shark came up and bit his leg, the 12Th shark attack this year. Oh, and our state is on fire again. The news people then started talking about how Florida is

The tourist capitol of the world,
the shark bite capitol of the world, (specifically the section of New Smyrna beach that Brewier and I go to.)
The lightning capitol of the world and,
the shark tooth capitol of the world, (makes sense with all those sharks swimming around biting people.)
We also have every poisonous snake in North America here along with,
scorpions, panthers, sinkholes, quicksand, tornado's, hurricanes and weird amoebas that live in our lakes and will kill you if you get water up your nose.
And alligators. I almost forgot about the alligators, (and in south FL. crocodiles.)



HopiQ said...

So...where should we go? Got any ideas?

Amy said...

Australia! We don't have tornados.OK so we have some nasty spiders and snakes but we keep the crocodiles a long way from where most people live!

Anonymous said...

always travel with a gude.