Saturday, May 17, 2008

Urban Homesteading.

I've been reading this blog written by a family who live in LA, grow their own food and make their own fuel. This morning I saw where Nightline had done a news piece on them. This is something I've always wanted to try. The funny thing is that while I was watching the video, all three of my brothers sent me a real estate ad for 200 acres in KY, because they think we should all live together on a big family compound and homestead.


Jenn said...

We should all live together! I agree. It would have prevented the heartache we go through every month to survive. I am envious of this famliy. Something most people do not knwo about me.:)
Love, Jenn

Kimberly said...

Sorry folks, but I am not leaving FL. Or this house we have worked so hard to build! You guys can dream all you want, but count me out!

I have lived in snow, on a farm, gathering eggs, feeding animals, chasing our escape artist goat, stocking the freezer with our own fruits and veggies, and slaughtering our own chickens every fall. I would never even consider that lifestyle again. Not in a million years!

Fire Marshal Ken said...

Kim I think that those who would not want to live there could always use it as a family getaway retreat

Linda said...

I am one of those who just couldn't live life like that, but I do admire it.