Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I See When I Leave My Bubble.

This business man with his fuel saving ride.


Unfortunately, I'm not always able to grab my camera fast enough to take pictures of the things I see.

Like the time Brewier and I were out one Saturday morning and as our car rounded the street that leads to our home one of our neighbors was bent over in his yard assuming the, "plumber position." We didn't just see his crack, but his entire rear end. Now, I don't know about you, but if my pants were down that low and my naked bottom was hanging out, I think I'd feel it, Florida is a very breezy place. Okay, so maybe you wouldn't want to see that. But it was pretty funny.


HopiQ said...

Now...are you absolutely sure your neighbor was assuming the "plumber position" ??? It's entirely possible that your neighbor was giving you a negative-type salutation.

tricia said...

Hope, Oh no! Maybe he doesn't like my flamingo! :)

Linda said...

I once saw two totally nude men walking down the street in the Montmartre part of Paris and I quickly took a photo. I think they were promoting nudity but who knows?

Sarah said...

Life certainly is unpredictable outside the bubble, isn't it? Entertaining, but unpredictable! Somehow, you (and often your camra) are there to catch most of the more unusual moments!