Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yesterday morning Megan came over bearing a box of delicious puffy little pillows of fat and sugar commonly known as donuts, from our favorite donut spot, Publix. Sarah, you were missed. We think of you every time we have coffee and donuts, but consoled ourselves with the fact that we were using your coffee mugs. Okay, thats a lie. They just make us miss you more, but we still like using them.


We sat by the picture window enjoying our breakfast and the quiet of the morning; me embroidering and Megan on her computer. It was very Jane Austin ....except for the computer part.


Look how bright and sunny it looks outside. Thats because its 95 degrees. I'm so over living in FL. Asheville maybe. Or Montana, hmmm.

So tomorrow is mothers day and I don't even have a card for my mommy since I've been sick all week. If I still lived at home I would make her a breakfast tray like this. I think anyone would appreciate breakfast in bed. Hmmm, that looks like Cocoa the house boy, don't you think?


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Sarah said...

Awwww - I'm sorry I wasn't there! I so would have loved coffee and donuts (but of course you knew that!). I miss you guys so much. I went to a little Bible study the other day and there was this young woman with a brand new baby. Something about her face reminded me of Megan... I wanted to cry.

Thanks for the comments... I thought of you so many times. You totally inspired my use of white curtains on light tan walls. I couldn't get over how soothing that looks in your bedroom. Also - our planning of your kitchen helped inspire my kitchen (the green and blue-green and stainless) as did the Starbucks coffee mug. Even Loretta came in to see the kitchen and said "Oh wow would Tricia love this!!" The bedroom just doesn't look as good in pictures as it does in person. Part of the problem is that it was painted when we were going to use that room as our whole main room, and has evolved into something totally different. Plus, I will be doing more with that antique/old looking furniture. We will get Grandma's dresser when she dies, and it's bigger and much nicer than the one that's under the painting. Plus, my rocker is coming from FL to replace Reni's antique one that we are borrowing now. I may also paint or do something with the vanity - it needs a top. And the mirror over it is really old and goes with the dresser under the painting. There is a different mirror that goes with Grandma's set that I will use later. Right now the whole room looks like a wierd mix of modern/antique, but even so, it feels really good. So.... any ideas would be much appreciated! (Notice how big the bedroom is. Well it also gets wonderful light, so I will be using it to paint in!)