Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Husband, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

I've told you before how Brewier will dress like Bill Nye when he substitute teaches a science class, the kids get a kick out of it and always tell him he looks like the Science Guy.


Friday, Brewier was teaching a class and they had been talking to him about being an actor and how he looked like Bill Nye, when two students came into the class late. The class on their own decided to convince these two students, that Brewier really was Bill Nye. The kids all started asking Brewier about his science and acting career and before long, these two kids were texting their friends and getting their pictures taken with, "Bill." The joke worked so well that at the end of the class, when Brewier told the two kids he wasn't really Bill Nye, they didn't believe him!


pk said...

Tell Brewier he has arrived ! Too funny ! What fun. WHAT FUN !!! I loved being a plant, you do know what that means ,,,right ? Tell you all about it sometime. hugs, pk

Goldy said...

I think you might have to make a comparison photo for those Australians in your audience who have no idea who Bill Nye is.
I do think it sounds like a fun idea though..