Friday, May 02, 2008

I Bet You Didn't Know.

That along with being the lightning capital of the world, Florida, (Venice,) is the shark tooth capital of the world. When Jessica and Megan were little we would go to Venice and pick up shark teeth so didn't even have to look for them, they were lying everywhere. Now its more difficult to find them because tourism has increased and the beaches have had sand brought in to restore them. These are a few of the teeth we found:


This is the sand on the beach. All the black are bits of shark teeth.


You see groups of people like this all along the beach, searching for teeth:


This baby shark was lying along the beach. I had Brewier flip him over and the other half of his body was missing, appearing to have been bitten off by a larger shark.


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Kimberly said...

Wow, I have never been to Venice and I will put it on my list of places to visit.

When we went to Cayo Costa with Greg, the beach was blanketed in shells. Huge, perfect lightening whelks and sea urchins. So I guess there is a place for everything. Nathan was little and fell in love with the beach. Hurricane Charlie destroyed the island by knocking down every single tree. It's sad to think about the damage.