Monday, May 12, 2008

The Best Mothers Day.

Because Jessica, Megan and Addison were all here. We didn't do much, (I'm still getting over this nasty cold,) but it was so nice to lounge around and eat junk food with them. Addison knows Megan from seeing her on ichat when I visit Jessica, so when she was being shy with Megan in person, we decided to put Meg on ichat so Addison would talk to her and realize that the girl on the screen was the same one sitting in the kitchen. It was hilarious to see the look of confusion and shock on Addisons face.


It was something like this:


Later in the day my Mom stopped and despite someone having the grumpies from lack of a nap, (Addison, not me,) we snapped a quick photo while my mom pointed out that all four of us are first born.


Megan and Matthew got me this for mothers day. I've been wanting it for years.



pk said...

How funny and unfortunetly how needed !!!!! Happy your feeling better and enjoyed mothers day. hugs, pk

Jenn said...

Great pictures. Happy belated Mother's day. I was in the Georgia Mts. This morning before I came home it was 45 degrees:)

Darla said...

love the pictures, how funny about Addison and Meg.