Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pajama Friends.

You know, the ones who you are so comfortable with that you can roll out of bed to go visit and drink coffee with, still wearing your pj's and bed hair. Thats Renee. So when she called this morning to say she had just put on pot of coffee, (and Renee makes really good coffee,) did I want to come over and visit, I threw a sweater over my pajamas and headed over. It was a really nice morning and I was able to convince Renee it was okay to sit outside in front of her house in her bathrobe, as long as I didn't take her picture.



Now, though we've never met, I think Sandra and Jane would be pajama friends. I received an email from them today asking if I would fly to Vancouver in July to visit them. Sandra has frequent flyer miles and a place for me to stay. Do you know how bad I want to go? So I'm praying God sends me an out gassed Winabago.....and that I would able to be able to stay in the passport offeice long enough to get a passport. Pray with me people.


Jenn said...

I am envious. I want those kind of friends:O)
P.S. You should go out West!!!

HopiQ said...

Sounds like great fun!

I didn't realize that you need a passport to get into Canada now. Wear a gas mask or something. Don't miss out on a trip like that!!!

P.S. I'd love to come over, but I have to figure out when...your comment made my day!

meg said...

She can't even wear gas masks because they're made of plastic...which out-gasses :(

I'll be praying, mom!

Jane said...

Sandra definitely is a pajama friend. And I WANT to be. In my heart I am. But my body and brain? Not so much.

Hope you can come...

pk said...

what is out-gassed ? really ! Oh, I'm praying you could go , TK has said it is one of his favorite places. If I remember right. have a beautiful day. How is the craft room coming ? hugs, pk