Friday, April 04, 2008

Just Call Me Mate

Remember I told you that I let Sam and Gregory watch Crocodile Dundee the other day?
Well, I guess part of Gregory identifying with the Croc man is now referring to people as mate.
Me: Gregory, that's a cool Lego car you made.
Gregory: Thanks mate.

Me: Time to pick up the Lego Gregory.
Gregory: Okay mate.

You know Gregory's nickname is Gator.

Now Sam, he is more of a Harry Potter kind of guy, and today he was talking about how cool it was to have an invisibility cape. He talked about it a lot. He wanted to be invisible in the worst kind of way. He wanted to be invisible so bad that as we were outside in the front yard, he ran up behind me, pulled my skirt up, (and since it was a windy day it the skirt blew up above my head,) ran underneath it and pulled the skirt down around himself thereby exposing my bottom to all my neighbors, but succeeding in becoming invisible himself. For about 2 seconds. Thats how long it took me to realize what had taken place and to make him visible again.

I'm never bored with my nephews around.

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