Monday, April 07, 2008

I Wish I Knew How to Write This As Funny As It Was

Gregory and Sam were here this morning and you know something funny always happens when they're around.
To begin with, Sam came bearing Old Maid Cards, some kind of transformer spaceship, and a bottle of bubbles, which right away made me go, "oh no," because Sam is easily distracted. I'm guessing him being distracted is how he ended up dumping the entire bottle of bubbles down the back of his pants. Not the out side of his pants, oh no, but inside his underwear. He often walks around with his hand down there, like its some kind of holster that keeps his arm from flailing about. So I'm thinking he had the open bottle of bubbles in his hand and then being distracted, stuck his hand in the back oh his pants dumping the entire bottle there. He was quite soaked and not happy at all. I took his shorts off, but since he didn't have clean clothes with him he had to keep his bubbly undies on. About this time Gregory decides he's hungry, so I pull out the raisins and put them in a little bowl for him. Sam walks pant-less into the kitchen as I'm handing Gregory the raisins and I say something like, "ooooo look at those cute legs!" To wihich Gregory replies as he raises his bowl of raisins in the air, " YEAH, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!"
Beacuse when you're three and you have raisins while your brother isnt wearing pants it means, " par tay!" ????

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