Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I didn't sleep much at all last night, (thats what eating 1/2 a Dove bunny after dinner will do to you), meaning I feel pretty crummy today. I'm still in my pajamas and am contemplating having another cup of coffee. But the morning hasn't been a total waste. I did whip out my waxer for a little home torture, because thats what I do when I'm bored and feeling bad. I waxed my eyebrows and upper lip, ( I refuse to cal it a moustache,) no problem. I decided I might as well do a bikini wax too. What I learned from my unsuccessful attempt is that I'm not as flexible as I used to be, and i need to take up yoga if I want to be bendy enough to ever wax myself again. As I was slathering molten wax on to parts of my body that never see the light of day, I thought "Why. Why am I doing this?" I guess 30 years of reading fashion magazines have had their impact on me.
I got my first issue of this magazine yesterday. Yes another year of dreaming about places I'd love to see......or live.

Yesterday while I was watching the boys, Renee called and invited us down for a mocha and a visit. The boys had a great time on Evas new swing set. I think its interesting how Gregory looks so serious about it all. I'm sure he is imagining that he is really a pirate swinging from a rope or a knight on a horse.


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