Friday, March 28, 2008

So you know how I said I was feeling crummy because I didn't sleep well? It was just being tired. I've been sick all week, going through boxes of Puffs, and tremendous amounts of vitamin C.
I'm so glad I have my computer back, to keep me entertained. Yesterday was Megans day off from work so we just kept ichat open all day, as Meg cleaned and I rested. I was really enjoying our time together until I decided to take a nap. I had just dozed off when Megan yelled into the computer, "ARE YOU SLEEPING?!" THen she started laughing. She said she knew I was asleep but just wanted to see me jump from being startled. Yeah, I love that girl.
Brewier is packing, getting ready to drive to KY tonight. His Dad has been in the hospital for 3 weeks with double pneumonia and seems to be failing fast. Because I'm sick I'm in a quandary about whether or not to go.
In the meantime I'm living vicariously through Linda's blog and photos while I make my own homage to Paris.


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