Monday, March 03, 2008

The Pollen Chronicles

It was another picture perfect Florida day, filled with sunshine and pollen I woke up at 5am with itchy eyes and nose so I made a cup of tea and got on my computer. At first I thought the keyboard had a layer of sand on it, but no it was oak pollen. Yes, its that gritty. I checked my bloglines and saw that,Confessions of a Pioneer Woman,had updated with an entry on how she met her husband. Because I have just recently started reading her blog I had missed much of the story, so I went back to the beginning. 5am quickly became 9am as I was glued to her tales of romance. Read it, it's good stuff.
Megan came over for the afternoon to visit, do laundry and get online, but it was kind of weird for both of us, because she had no bedroom to go hang out in. It was really strange when she left because she was going home.We talked about it and I can really see us ending up living in a big multi generational house like the Waltons. But not while they're newlyweds.

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