Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk.

OK, but what about lost lip gloss and AWOL lipstick? And not just any lipstick or lip gloss but the holy grail of lip color for which Breiwer chauffeured me all over Orlando to find? Can I cry about that? I used my lip gloss this morning while sitting in my car at a red light; on my way to work. I went to put some on after lunch and it was gone. Not in my car or the office or anywhere. Hmmph! The matching lipstick went missing the day of Megans wedding. I put it on just before all the guests arrived, then put the tube on my bathroom shelf where I always keep it so it can be easily reapplied for all those lipstick emergencies I have throughout the day. Only I went to reapply later in the day and it was gone. I have looked everywhere. Gone. All I can think of is perhaps one of the many kids that were here took it. Maybe even the same kid who pulled every bud off my orchid, carefully placing each unopened blossom in the orchid pot. Whaaaaaa!


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