Friday, March 21, 2008

"My Precious," (said in the voice of Gollum)

DHL picked it up my non working computer Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning I got an email saying it had arrived at the repair center in Memphis, then yesterday morning while still in my PJ's, I got it back. I'm always amazed at how fast Apple does repairs. I now have a brand new hard drive and a computer with nothing on it. Maybe I can stop by my dear genius of a brothers' house this weekend and he can load some of my saved information on it. This morning feels like spring, the air is cool, the pollen not to terrible, and I get to spend the day with Vickie. We are headed to Brunos bakery and an art gallery in Sanford, and I'm sure we will talk about the Thelma and Louise trip we want to take out west, ....only with out the bars and the killing.

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