Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Brewier has an acting class tonight meaniong I have computer time, so I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and some Irish soda bread that my neighbor Eileen brought me. Her sister inlaw makes it every year for St. Patricks Day and mails a big loaf along with a few small loafs, to Eileen, who always shares it with me. The only Irish soda bread I've had before was from Publix, this is totally different and so much better.
Brewier got some good news today. The Coors people liked him so much, that he is going to record some radio spots for them on Friday. Yay!
My box from Apple arrived today, but before I mail my computer to them my brother Roger is going to see if he can get all the stuff I have off my hard drive. I do really need to learn to back things up.(Hmmmm, didn't I say that just 8 months ago when my computer crashed?)

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