Monday, March 31, 2008

Could It Be Genetic?

I dug through my old photos to find this picture of myself at 15 months old.
It used to be in color! I'm so old my photos are turning sepia. How depressing.
This was taken at my grandmothers house. I stayed with her and my grandfather for a few weeks while my brother Kenny was being born. When my Mom and Dad came to collect me, my mother burst into tears because I had turned into a butterball. My grandmother fed me homemade chocolate pudding everyday. The kind made with whole milk, or knowing my grandmother, cream. I'm sure my number of fat cells doubled or tripled in that short time spent with her.
But then, maybe it wasn't the pudding. Maybe it was the cat food I would search out and devour. Despite my grandmothers best efforts, I would find the cat food. Even putting it on top of the refrigerator didn't deter me, as I was quite the little climber.
I remember being pretty fond of the milk bones too.


All of this to say, look at my sweet and hungry little grandaughter, who refuses regular food but will search out the cat food and chow down on it while her mother isn't looking. Thats my girl.


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