Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brewier, the Palm Warrior.

The palm trees we planted five years ago have reached maturity and are wanting to reproduce. They send forth huge blooms that end up bearing thousands of berries which drop to the ground and start to ferment......and sprout new trees. In other words, its a big mess. To prevent this, Brewier climbs up a ladder and saws the unopened pods down, though I don't know if pods is the right word, because when I hear, "pod," I envision something small and cute-ish that i could possibly use in a craft project.
Palm pods look like this: (Brewier is 6 feet tall.)


They get even bigger if you let them grow.
And these suckers are heavy! I'm talking 25-30 pounds. I was holding the ladder for Brewier when this pod whizzed by my ear and speared itself into the ground.


It went in deep enough that it stayed upright for days, until we watered the grass and the pointy part in the ground got mushy.
Yes, I made Brewier leave it in the ground, so I could show everybody my close call with death.
Heres another view.


Needless to say I was very cautious as he cut down the other two pods.

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