Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday we heard a most terrible noise in the house but couldn't find where it came from so we blew it off..... until we tried to open the garage door and it wouldn't budge. The spring is broken and my car is stuck inside until we get the door fixed. In the evening I was on my computer and my screen froze with the spinning beach ball. I had to power down and as I did I thought to myself, " I'm burning all my music and photos to disk tonight, before this thing crashes." (Because both Sara and Darlene have had theirs crash in the past two weeks and we all have the same MacBook.) Can you guess what happened? Here's a hint. I'm blogging from Megans MacBook. I sure hope she finds her apple care and registers her computer since it is identical to mine.
Oh and Brewiers fancy GPS that I gave him for Christmas.....I tried to use it Saturday. Nothing. Crash and burn. We are an electronically accursed people.

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