Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yes. I Missed Two Days.

I've just been busy and haven't been on the computer much. Friday was Megans day off and we ran errands together, including a trip to Sam Flax to purchase canvass at 60% off!! Friday afternoon was spent cooking for the guests we had over Friday night.
Saturday Brewier and I were outside in the backyard, trimming trees and making things tidy for the wedding that will be held there in two weeks Yes, Matthew and Megan are getting married. They are keeping things small with only parents, grandparents, siblings and aunts and uncles being invited. So, Kenny, Roger and Greg, be at my house on Saturday February 23 at 11 am.
Right now I'm sitting in Jessicas living room waiting for her to get home from church. Brewier has an audition today in Clearwater, so we were invited here for lunch. I was going to post pictures but forgot to bring my camera cord with me :( Maybe later tonight.

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