Sunday, February 03, 2008


For me, its all about the food and the commercials, which is why Renee called to say, "hi," during the game. She knows. Brewier and I started our food fest with buttery salty popcorn followed by, (for me anyway,) this:


Mountain Dew, Kombucha, and tea, with sushi and no bake fudge cookies. I feel quite nauseous right now, and my heart is pounding due to all the sugar I've just had. I always say I'll never do this to myself again, but I do. And now I'm going to be all bloaty and gross tomorrow. ( Big depressing sigh.)

Yep, thats as about exciting as my day got.

Its 3:30am and I'm awake while my tummy is protesting my Superbowl feast. I'll never eat like that again! Riiiight.

Megan updated her blog! Go read it....its much more interesting than this.

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