Friday, February 15, 2008

Its What We Do.


Every anniversary we go to the beach. Not for romantic or sentimental reasons, but to breathe fresh clean air. This is the time of year that everything gets coated in a thick coat of yellow gritty pollen and leaves us sneezing, headachy and looking like this:


Puffy faces and swollen eyes. But its our anniversary and I thought we should have a picture of us together.

It was a beautiful day for walking along the beach. We first went to Patrick Air Force Base, then drove north to go to Cocoa Beach, where there is a street named:


I loved I dream of Jeannie when I was a little kid and thought Cocoa Beach must be the coolest place in the world. I was a kid. What did I know.

Jane and I have had a theme this week on our photo blog. Can you guess what it was?

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