Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Not Funny.

But I did laugh. I'm watching the news and they showed some condos that were hit by a tornado this afternoon. The name of the condo complex......Windrush. I know you just smiled.

Look what I received in the mail today.


These beautiful Froy and Olo valentines and Trader Joes Belgium dark chocolate. Mo at lime gardenias was having a giveaway to celebrate her new blog and I won! I started reading her blog when it was Lemon Gardenia, then she switched to typepad and her blog was Mommo. Now she is back at blogger. I think this may be the first time I ever made a comment on any of Mo's blogs. Yes. I lurk.

Friday is my 27th wedding anniversary. Man, am I getting old. Anyway, its been overcast today and the air is heavy laden with pollen, making it a good day to stay inside.Brewier and I decided to start celebrating our anniversary early. We rented a movie and bought our traditional anniversary food.


Romantic, huh? It is what we ate the night we got married, though back then I drank Tab. Do they even make Tab anymore?
I drank sugary sweet, calorie laden Mountain Dew today. I'm a grandma now and grandmas are supposed to be soft and squishy, so hey, I'm just doing my part.
I poured our potato chips into a bowl, and look what was on top. A heart shaped chip! I took it as a sign we were supposed to be sitting on the sofa eating chips and soda, (and Reeses peanutbutter hearts.)


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