Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Was a Good Day.

Despite the fact I woke up this morning and realized I had 10 days to put a wedding together. I didn't go into work today because I was going to work on wedding plans. Instead I spent the day hanging out with Lisa. We did some shopping and then had lunch at Hot Dog Heaven; her treat. She said the deal is I do all the driving and she buys lunch. I think I'm getting the better part of the deal.
After lunch we headed for Target but not before stopping at Starbucks. I walked in and there was one guy in line in front of me and a guy getting in line behind me, who handed the cashier a credit card. I figured he must have already ordered but had forgotten his credit card and was bringing it in to pay. He told the cashier to ,"keep the card open," and paid for the coffee the guy in front of me ordered. I stepped up and put my coffee order in and when I went to pay the cashier said, "the guy behind you just bought you your coffee." Apparently this guy, Gary, is a regular and when he comes in the store he treats everyone in line to a coffee! Free coffee? My hero!

Todays Observation:
When making fudge, using half and half instead of milk like the recipe calls for, results in the best fudge you will ever eat.

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