Sunday, February 17, 2008

Garage Sale Goodness.

While there were lots of garage sales yesterday, they were all pretty disappointing, that is until I went to pick up Gregory and saw that Gregs neighbor Ted was having a sale. While talking to Gators nana, Debbie, I glanced over the tables and spied this:

A Champion Juicer. The holy grail of juicers and current object of my affection. ( I juice, just incase you hadn't realized that yet.) Ted sold it to me for $20 and all I need to do is order a screen for it. Yipee! While reading about the juicer online I discovered I can all so make my own nut butters with it..... and ice cream out of frozen bananas. This should be fun.

This afternoon I'm wearing a white t-shirt and standing outside talking to a dear friend. She looks at me and says. "You look really good in white. You don't wear it much though, do you?" Me, "No, I always thought it washed me out." Dear friend, "No! Now that your dark hair has all that silver in it, it really looks good."
I really wish I could color my hair.

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