Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the Household Rejoiced.

Brewier has been cast in a SAG, (screen actors guild,) national commercial for Coors beer!! This is a BIG deal because it pays and is shown nation wide. I'm so proud of you sweetie<3
I was standing in line at Starbucks with Lisa, when Brewier called and told me. I was so excited and told Lisa the good news. She was very happy for us and then whispered to me, " I know it's really good news, but what exactly does all that mean?" She is so cute, being happy for us because we are happy. She is also a very dear friend who continues to spend time with me and attempt to shop with me, despite all my breathing limitations and my driving. Really Lisa, its because my car is so little that it feels like I drive crazy. Hush Megan.
Can I tell you again how much I love ichat? My daughter in law now has a Mac and tonight I got to see my grandson Duncan, live and kind of in person. He's such a happy little fellow!


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