Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Was a Real Conversation.

Scene: Brewier, Megan and I riding in the car after picking her up from work. We started talking about a Chinese buffet Megan always wanted to go to when she was little.

Brewier: I never knew you wanted to go there.

Megan: I asked to go there every year for my birthday but mom wouldn't take me. Probably because you never know what kind of meat they serve. Its probably cat or something.

Brewier: Meat is meat.

Megan :But you never know what a cat is eating.

Me: At Least they don't eat their poop. Dogs eat poop.

Brewier: So do chickens. We eat chickens, and they eat their poop. I've seen them.

Me: Shrimp. We eat shrimp poop.

Megan: You so have to blog this.

Does anyone else have conversations like this?

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