Monday, January 07, 2008

Still on the Sofa.

I'm certain there is a permanent fanny imprint where I've been sitting. I've been watching my, "Friends," dvds, and making bracelets for my Etsy shop, being amazed at how productive I can be when I take time to sit still!
The only interruption to my sofa time was when I heard a louder noise than normal from inside my refrigerator. You know the refrigerator that keeps getting replaced and repaired and that has recently been freezing everything in it. I had a glass bottle of Perrier on the top shelf...apparently it froze...and exploded, sending teeny tiny shards of glass throughout my refrigerator and its contents. DO NOT BUY A SEARS TRIO REFRIGERATOR. Just don't, okay.

My beading island.


Bracelets made today.




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