Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snippets from New Years Eve.

Ethan (5) and Ryan (7) are such sweet well mannered boys who play so nicely together, that we were able to just let them do their own thing. They were so good in fact, that we didn't even notice that they had disappeared for 30 minutes until they both walked up to the table where we were sitting, to confess, "We accidentally used all the soap." Tanya, Sarah and I all looked at each other then at them and asked, "What?"
"We accidentally used up all the soap." I started laughing, though I tried not to, because I realized what they were talking about. I had bought a brand new bottle of Method foaming hand soap for the guest bath, (and you know how much fun it is to use,) and the boys had been washing their now prune-y hands for half an hour....until the soap was gone!

Tanya shared with me that as she and Ryan were laying in bed, he turned and said to her, "Mom, it feels like this could be our house." I think thats the nicest complement ever.

In talking to Sarah about Ellies death, she said something that has really helped me with some things. I 'm always wondering what the Lord is trying to teach me when things happen, and question why he has allowed things to happen. Sarah said even though she didn't understand why all this was happening to Ellie, she knows the character of God and can trust him in all things. Trusting the character of God. Such wise words.

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