Monday, December 24, 2007


No, I didn't blog yesterday. I was busy being the birthday girl, having my every desire catered to by my wonderful husband. ( Actually, he pretty much caters to me everyday.) Thank you to all my friends and family who took the time during the holiday rush to wish me happy birthday <3

Last night Greg was leading one of his Full Moon Paddles, and while Brewier and I were there, we went rogue and did our own tour of the lake, peering into all the huge mansions, lit up for Christmas.I love seeing into peoples homes; how the decorate, seeing snippets of family life. The group all ended up on Dog Island, along with some red necks who had a chain saw with them so they could cut down trees and start a big fire. The smoke and the mosquitos were getting the best of us, so Brewier and I headed back to the dock, and then on home. Mark, Darlene, Keith and Lance dropped by later in the evening, bearing presents! ( I'm going to post a picture of all my gifts later, because I received some really lovely things!) It was such a nice birthday, thank you again, to everyone who made it that way.

Friday and Saturday were spent in Tampa, where Jessica, ( who, we're convinced, is going to be the next Martha Stewart,) kept us happy and full with tons of delicious Christmas cookies. I hope she does a Christmas tour of her home on her blog, because the house is decorated so beautifully. Addison kept us entertained chasing the cat and walking around the house by holding on to the walls. She's a lot of fun now that her bajillion teeth have come through : )

Merry Christmas!

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