Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm a Busy Girl!

Which is why I didn't update yesterday. I had also turned of my phone in church and forgot to turn it back on and the combination of these two things had Jessica a little concerned. Which is kind of nice.
Saturday was the office Christmas party, held at Darlenes. It was nice to see everyone out of the work place. Last night was our neighborhood open house. We were there 30 was different.
Today has been a very good day. I invited myself to Hope's house and drove Apopka to have tea and cookies with her and her 5 entertaining children. We had only met once before at Allison's, but I felt like I knew her through her blog. We had such a nice visit, thank you so much Hope!
When I got home I hopped on my computer, (and it didn't even break!) and discovered I'd sold a collage from my Etsy shop! Then I checked the mail and had a Christmas card from Allison, someone I know only through blogging. She had suddenly stopped writing back in June and I was getting kind of concerned. I knew she had just gotten engaged...well she was too busy to blog because she got married in October!
And now I sit, in our wintery 64 degree weather, wanting something delicious and wintery to eat, like soup, but am too lazy to make it.

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