Friday, December 07, 2007

Can I Be Any Weirder?

My arms are covered in itchy bump like hives. FROM CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Its not enough that I 'm allergic to real and artificial trees and had to make a non toxic glass Christmas tree. Now I'm apparently allergic to the paint or plasic or something in the lights. Sheesh. Not only that, but after spending over $5 to have Jessica mail me lights from Tampa and spending nearly 2 hours putting these lights on the tree, two of the strands are bad. We ended up taking off all the lights, because they all smelled like burning plastic. I'm begining to realize why they've been so hard to find.
This afternoon I went over to play with Sam and Gregory while Melissa cleaned the house. I sat in their tree house/fort, while they dug holes and filled them with water. "We making 'wimming pool." said Gator. It was such a fun afternoon, Sam and Gregory running around laughing and playing together, covered in sandy mud, then picking tangerines off the tree, all of us standing with our legs spread apart as we ate them, juice dripping of our elbows. The picture of a perfect Florida winter day.

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